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Fun is in short supply these days. Let's blame all the "to dos" that happen in between your first cup of coffee and the late night news. It's no wonder we are spending less time outdoors, less time together with family and friends, and less time being active in any way. is a tool to help you trade sedentary time for active fun – the kind that leaves you more relaxed and more energized. Got 20 minutes? An hour? All day? Want to bring a pet? Your kids? No kids? Find the Fun helps you find activities that fit your life.

We don't have to tell you how good it feels to feel good. Going for a walk with a friend, taking a dip, or playing on the beach resets your mental state (this is proven science) and improves your physical state in so many measurable ways.

What’s even better, everything about the website is free. You don't need to subscribe or create yet another secret password. For that, you can thank the folks at the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County’s Partnerships to Improve Community Health (PICH) initiative.

Pinellas County’s PICH program is focused on encouraging physical activity and healthy eating. Led by DOH-Pinellas, its current partners include Pinellas County Schools; the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO); Pinellas County Government; Pinellas County Extension; R' Club Child Care; Healthy Pinellas Consortium and the following parks and recreational departments: DOH-Pinellas, its current partners include Pinellas County Schools; the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO); Pinellas County Government; Pinellas County Extension; R' Club Child Care and the Healthy Pinellas Consortium and the following parks and recreational departments:

Like most of the nation, almost two-thirds of Pinellas residents are overweight or obese. The result is an alarming uptick in diabetes (even among children), heart disease and other obesity-related health conditions. Preventing obesity will save lives and help reduce the nation’s skyrocketing health-care costs.

And here’s the funny thing:

Turns out the best prescription for change is good old-fashioned active fun.

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