Walk, jog, or bike the North Dunedin portion of the Pinellas Trail

1600 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin , FL 34698

This section offers plenty of places to stop for a nice, quick break. The Pinellas Trailside Oasis is located between Curlew Rd. and the overpass, and Hammock Park and Youth Guild Park are just off this section of the trail as well. Over the Edge Bike shop offers bike rentals and is located just off the trail in Causeway Plaza at the northwest corner of Curlew and US 19. Dunedin Cyclery, between Palm Blvd. and Michigan Blvd., also rents bicycles. If you go from the beginning access point at the intersection with US 19 to just past San Jose Dr., you'll travel approximately 2.5 miles. The entire Pinellas Trail stretches 34 miles from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. Most of the Pinellas Trail was once a railroad corridor. Today, the mostly-paved trail is a protected place for walking, jogging, rollerskating, rollerblading or biking. Go for 34 yards or all 34 miles, with kids or without. Either way, you'll get a new, more relaxed glimpse of the area. And every step, skate or pedal push will be active fun that

Everyday : 7:00 AM - DUSK
Dogs Allowed
Fun on your own, Family fun, Couples fun, Group fun, Meet-people fun
Time of Day
morning, afternoon, evening
How Long
1/2 hour to 2 hours