Tarpon Springs


Walk, jog, or bike the South Tarpon Springs portion of the Pinellas Trail

809 South Safford Avenue, Tarpon Springs , FL 34689

Just north of the trail tunnel near Harry St. is Dunn Conservation Park -- a great place to stop along your jog with a friends or family for a quick healthy snack to keep you going for the trip back! The end portion of the trail past Klosterman Rd. also provides a scenic golf course view overlooking Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club. If you do this whole section, from Meres Blvd. to the intersection with US 19, you'll travel approximately 2 miles. The entire Pinellas Trail stretches 34 miles from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. Most of the Pinellas Trail was once a railroad corridor. Today, the mostly-paved trail is a protected place for walking, jogging, rollerskating, rollerblading or biking. Go for 34 yards or all 34 miles, with kids or without. Either way, you'll get a new, more relaxed glimpse of the area. And every step, skate or pedal push will be active fun that keeps you feeling good.

Everyday : 7:00 AM - DUSK
Dogs Allowed
Tarpon Springs
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Time of Day
morning, afternoon, evening
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1/2 hour to 2 hours