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When you're moving, you're living

Swap some sedentary dead time for real live play and you'll ignite the pleasure center of the brain. Yeah, the scientists are still debating whether it's endorphins or serotonin or whatever, but really, who cares? In study after study, people report feeling better and more relaxed after physical activity. It may even slow aging and put off Alzheimer's.

Discover Fun in Pinellas

Highland Recreation Complet- Outdoor Fitness Zone

Fitness zones can be described as “gym playgrounds.” They are comprised of exercise equipment placed in designated areas of the park, and are people-powered. Each station in the fitness zone will help...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Largo

Take a Pinellas history lesson by touring Fort De Soto

Fort De Soto stands on Mullet Key, which today is a part of Pinellas' largest park, Fort De Soto park (named after the fort itself). The earliest inhabitants of the islands were the Tocobaga residents...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Belleair

Strengthen Your Coordination at Line Dancing Classes

Take it slow, put together the steps we have learned, and repeat them until we can experience the feeling of accomplishment after successfully mastering a dance. Students develop strength, coordinati...

  • Cost: $$Under $20 / person
  • Neighborhood: South Pinellas beaches

Get your dance on at the Largo Community Center

Thecommunity center features three sprung-floor studio rooms, a center stage ballroom with wooden floors, commercial kitchen, fitness room, art studio, card room, outdoor patio and gazebo, lounge and...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Largo

Cannonball into the E.H. McLin Pool at Campbell Park Rec Center

Looking for a way to cool off with friends on the weekend? Go swimming at E.H. McLin Pool. This pool is located only 2.1 miles from James B. Sanderlin IB World School. This pool features a flume slide...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

Play football at the Long Center

Fun for the whole family. Enjoy a variety of active options from the playground to the aquatic centers, fitness center, and football and soccer fields. Are you into team sports? The Long Center is...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Clearwater

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