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When you're moving, you're living

Swap some sedentary dead time for real live play and you'll ignite the pleasure center of the brain. Yeah, the scientists are still debating whether it's endorphins or serotonin or whatever, but really, who cares? In study after study, people report feeling better and more relaxed after physical activity. It may even slow aging and put off Alzheimer's.

Discover Fun in Pinellas

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is fun and healthy exercise. We welcome players of all ages and skill levels. If you are an aspiring Olympian or a basement ping pong player you will enjoy playing at our Club. Table Te...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Belleair

Music with Mar., Inc. Class

Music with Mar., Inc. is an internationally respected company dedicated to using music and movement in child development to get more parents involved with their children in positive activities while u...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Clearwater

Play Tennis at Walter Fuller Recreation Center!

Lessons available for youth and adults. Outdoors activity-great exercise!

  • Cost: $$$Under $50 / person
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

Walk, jog, or bike the South Largo portion of the Pinellas Trail

Both Taylor County Park and Ridgecrest County park are located along this section of the trail. If you do this whole section, from a little before 8th Ave SW to past Ulmerton Rd., you'll travel about...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Largo

Pasadena Produce & Deli

We're a family-owned and operated Produce, Deli, and Restaurant, specializing in the foods of Greece and Italy.

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: South Pasadena

Experience an Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Board

Learn how to do Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) on Sat 10:30 a.m. Enjoy Tampa Bay’s waterways from a Stand Up Paddle Board. You will see exotic birds, secret inlets, and beautiful scenery unreachable...

  • Cost: $$$Under $50 / person
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg (Downtown)

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