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When you're moving, you're living

Swap some sedentary dead time for real live play and you'll ignite the pleasure center of the brain. Yeah, the scientists are still debating whether it's endorphins or serotonin or whatever, but really, who cares? In study after study, people report feeling better and more relaxed after physical activity. It may even slow aging and put off Alzheimer's.

Discover Fun in Pinellas

Explore Shell Key Preserve

With miles of wilderness and untouched barrier islands, this 1,800 acre preserve is a gem of Pinellas County. It's an important area for bird nesting and recreation, and thus, restricts pedestrian use...

  • Cost: $$$Under $50 / person
  • Neighborhood: Belleair

Electric Slide Aerobics at the Wildwood Recreation Center (for teens)

Dance your heart out with Electric Slide aerobics! Working out doesn't always have to be hard. With good music plus fun dance moves, you will slide your way into shape in no time! The Electric Slide h...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

Walk, jog, or bike the South Tarpon Springs portion of the Pinellas Trail

Just north of the trail tunnel near Harry St. is Dunn Conservation Park -- a great place to stop along your jog with a friends or family for a quick healthy snack to keep you going for the trip back!...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Tarpon Springs

Try Self Defense for Seniors at the St. Pete Sunshine Center

Get exercise and learn how to protect yourself at the same time with basic Goju-ryu (Japanese for hard-soft) exercises. Class is geared toward 55+. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and rubber-soled sh...

  • Cost: $$Under $20 / person
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

Jumping Jack competition

Who can do the most jumping jacks in a minute? Get the family together and find out. Prepare to be challenged: A great quick game with your kids.

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Belleair

Walk, jog, bike or rollerblade the Downtown Dunedin portion of the Pinellas Trail

Bike rentals for this portion are available at The Energy Conservatory Bike Shop on Main St. and at the Pinellas Trail Bike Shop on the trail at Scotland St. If you do this whole section, from San Sal...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Dunedin

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